12 Days Left Till Christmas… DON’T PANIC!!!!

cropped-dscf65823.jpgSo me hearties, today is the 12th Day, of the 12th Month of 2012, an auspicious day.  A date the likes of which we’ll not see again for another 89 years… Wow… In the meantime and more importantly there are only 12 days left till Christmas, time to put the sprouts on I think!

I’m guessing most you out there will have completed you’re Christmas shopping, wrapped & labelled it, trimmed the tree, the house and basically anything that was in your eye-line at the time; food has been ordered, festive drinks have been settled into the drinks cupboard (after a thorough taste testing of course or is that just me?)) and all you’re waiting for is the children to finish school, make some last-minute mince pies, tie a ribbon in your hair and wait for the Big Man himself to arrive.  If this is you, well there’s nothing for you here. Run along with you, with your perfect life! Those of us who are not you have some work to do!

I’m currently decorating the dining room and a wall in the front (2 currently painted, the other can wait!) like you do 2 weeks before Christmas.  This means the tree purchased lovingly from the forest on Sunday, is currently lay on the patio, covered in hoar-frost, most probably home to some wildlife or other soon to be homeless.  My gorgeous parquet flooring looks as though we’ve been visited by a flock of pigeons with the novaris virus and the front room is still covered in boxes filled with toys I optimistically hoped to sort out long before now.  This is all before I start preparing for the final Christmas Treacle Market of 2012, and I’m sad to say the holly is still firmly attached to the tree as is the laurel and fir bows, all the Christmas lights & decs are still carefully wrapped and filed from last year and the Christmas cards, erm well they are written out – I did that last year…  Panic is beginning to settle in for the long-term…

I feel I’ve been a little ambitious this year.  I do have a wonderful mantra though which I frequently offer to others and occasionally use myself  ‘All will be well’.  I think I may have been saying this in my sleep of late, even my subconscious is yet to be convinced!  And when I am awake, I’m alternating between stressful weeping (quite pathetic!) to hysterical laughter (scary…)!  But you know, things WILL get done! The original plan may be a little different in the end, there will be an element of not opening certain cupboards (in case of avalanche and injury) until after the holidays, the ironing pile filed somewhere unusual and the garage stacked with things that really should not be in there but really do I care?  Well yes I do now, but come Christmas Eve, when we plate up the Big Man’s Mince Pies, a small port and carrots for the Reindeer, I will have (hopefully!) resigned myself to what hasn’t been done, can either wait or be added to the ‘List of Things I WILL Do Next Year’.  I (hopefully) will not care a dot and not because I taste tested the whole bottle of port just in case.

So in the meantime, I’m going to battle with that last patch of dining room ceiling, plan some very swift and unfortunately necessary trips to busy shopping places, plan some enjoyable shopping visits to some lovely shops in Macclesfield, Make, Bake, create myself into Christmassy Frenzy and at the end of the day ALL WILL BE WELL!

So bloomin nerrrr to you of the organised inclination! I’m taking a rollercoaster to Christmas this year and it’s going to a fantastical, hysterical and a somewhat bumpy ride, and that’s just fine by me!

So Merry Christmas to Everyone!  Have a good one, be loved, be merry and be very jolly this Christmas! Only 19 days till New Year!

Love CocoaNoko


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