2013 A New RollerCoaster

The Wistful SnailAfter having a quick scout across the Internet & such like, there appears to be a definite divide as how peeps are tackling the New Year.  Retrospective ponderings of the year that was or resolutioning the way into the forthcoming chunk of time.  I can’t decide where I am in the greater scheme of things, but I know for certain yesterday was Sunday, it’s now most definitely Monday and tomorrow is predictably Tuesday.

If I were to think retrospectively I would say I’ve experienced what I can only describe as a bumpy 2012.  More like an out of control rollercoaster – immense dips and truly memorable highs, but also with Carousel like tendencies which has left me screaming at times to want to get off.  I feel mostly shaken but very much stirred by it all.  The positive spin is that the learning curve from all of this, as you can imagine, has been immense!!

Christmas has given me the luxury of breathing space.  I’ve been magically given the gift of time, to ponder the Rollercoaster that was, and to prepare for the one that will be.  The difference this coming year will be how I approach it. And here’s the question – Resolution or Prediction?

Resolutions aren’t really my thing if I’m honest.  The process in itself appears to me self-defeating to start with and flawed.  It only seems to benefit those who are there when a resolution is announced and there when you fail for the simple purpose of them pointing out your defeat!  An obvious resolution there would be have a culling of ‘so called’ friends, if not in person then definitely from a virtual stand point!  So resolutions aren’t the way forward for me so lets look at predictions!

Would it be great fun to be able to predict the future do you think?  Actually when I think about it, I’m not so sure.  Some things are reasonably predictable aren’t they like the fact it’s more or less likely I’ll be a year older over the next year, I won’t be any taller than I am right now, I’ll be a different weight by the end of the year to right now (hopefully lighter!!) and at some point in the next year there will be sunshine… Ok that’s too much to ask – there WILL be rain!! But that’s all boring predictions, and well a little too predictable.  I could predict I’ll be a millionaire over the next year but how probably is that?Not bloomin likely! So that leads us neatly and whimsically to hopes, dreams & wishes!

This is what I need to think about then – hopes, dream & wishes with inbuilt flexibility & fallibility of course! It’s bound to make things a bit bumpier along the way but it would be boring otherwise.  I hope to be more organised, (I can dream can’t I!!!) I dream of a fully functioning, fully decorated home (I hope that one actually happen and it’s actually my house – not some one else’s ),  I dream of snow and sunshine, maybe at the same time!  I dream of happiness for those I love & hold dear, I dream of winning the lottery so help the previous dream to come true! I also wish the lawn was more grass and less moss…

Either way, to you all out there who read my wistful ramblings, my hopes for you all are this, may your resolution be silent but fulfilled, your predictions be positive, may you be the best person you can be, that you are kind and considerate to everyone and everything and kindest offered in return, that you love and are loved and may you have a glorious sunny summer, in which case, I dream you live near me!

Happy, Happy 2013 to all!


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