First Treacle Market of 2013!


JANUARY 27TH 2013 – It’s Treat Yourself  Treacle Market!

This is the intended Valentine’s menu for the very first Treacle Market of 2013!  Boxes of 4 (£5.00) & 12 (£15.00) will be available & can be ordered ready for collection on Sunday! (Valentine’s goodies can also be order for local delivery on 14th February 2013)


Gluten Free Simples – Wonderfully Moist Chocolate Sponge with voluptuous Vanilla Buttercream – Gluten Free Perfection!

 Gluten Free Silly Vanilly – Simply the simplest flavour there is but oh so yummy, Vanilla GF Sponge topped with the whippiest lightest Vanilla Buttercream ever!


Valentine’s Love – Heavenly Chocolate & raspberry sponge topped with wickedly whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate hearts & Valentine’s sprinkles

Crazy Caramel – Delicious rich Caramel Sponge with home made caramel buttercream, with drizzles of yumminess!

Simon’s Coffee – Rich Coffee with a tiny hint of Vanilla topped with wonderful Coffee Buttercream!

 Silly Vanilly – Simply the simplest flavour there is but oh so yummy, Vanilla Sponge topped with the whippiest lightest Vanilla Buttercream ever!

 Luscious Lemon – Lovely Luscious Lemon Sponge with zesty lemon buttercream – Lemon Lovers Heaven!

Double Chocolate – Divinely moist Chocolate Sponge with rich chocolate buttercream with a top of sprinkles & chocolate stuff!

 I Should Coconut – Unbelievably moist Coconut Cake with lashings of Coconut Buttercream with winter white Sprinkles!

Lemony Ginger – Zesty, spicy Lemony Ginger sponge with equally yummy buttercream, topped with a cute a button Gingerbread Heart!

 Minty Chocolate – Minty Chocolatey sponge with seriously lush buttercream adorned with chocolatey mint stuff!

Chocolate Butterfly – Delicious Chocolate Butterfly Sponge with raspberry jam secret centre & vanilla buttercream, topped with Valentine’s sprinkles


Lemon Drizzle – The Infamous & Legendary Luscious Lemon Drizzle, one slice is never enough! £1.50 per slice (or 4 slices for £5.00 Deal)

Marble Fudge Dream – Rich, moist vanilla & chocolate marbled sponge layered with wonderful whipped chocolate fudge icing! Wicked!!! *NEW* per slice (or 4 slices for £5.00 Deal)


Triple Chocolate – Bursting with decadent Belgian Chocolate – perfect partner to a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate! £1.50 (or 4 for £5.00 Deal)


Coconut Macaroons – Utterly Moist & seriously flavourful Macaroons, liberally draped in Dark Belgian Chocolate! £1.50 (or 4 for £5.00 Deal)


Gingerbread – Secret Recipe Gingerbread, extensively taste tested as only the best will do!

Please feel free to sample the specially created Treacle Market Gingerbread Hearts that will be available while stocks last!!

Small Valentine heart biscuits – 75p each, 3 for £2.00 or 6 for £4.00

Valentine Heart Lollies £1.50 (or 4 for £5.00 Deal)


First Up gets the cake – only crumbs if you’re late!! 

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