Spring appears to be on it’s way, in small ways given the slightest chance. Snowdrops are here, Crocus are popping up everywhere, even in my soggy garden, I’ve even seen daffodils on my travels this week.  Even the air has a hint of spring. I’m not ignoring the fact that Winter still has a hold on this, our green and pleasant land as I have to be honest it’s still chuffing cold, but the hints are there for all to see.

It makes me feel a little optimistic.  Not full blown, jumping up and down yeahaing left right & centre but in a quiet, slow but steady kind of way, almost in a stealth like mode, bit like Spring really, I’m looking forward to the future.  In contrast, Spring cleaning is forging ahead with gusto, bags & bags of rubbish are being filed, re-assessed & actually thrown out, actually thrown out into the wheelie bin (I confess I am something of a hoarder…).  The recycling bin is quite literally over-following and there’s still more yet! Well I’m quietly optimistic there’s more, it’s been terribly difficult to rationalise the culling I have to say.

It’s beautifully brought about some space though, room enough for workspace, permanent, everything left out, doesn’t need clearing away for tea, homework, lunch or breakfast space. Work can stay there, with everything to hand, beautifully filed & labelled  waiting for me to play, it’s going to be bliss when it’s finished. Which will be smashing as the Crafted side of things is slowly & steadily taking off! Quietly excited about this, and will definitely create balance to my creative side!

Handily the newly acquired space can now accommodate heaps of rather gorgeous new resources! Fabrics galore, glittery shiny materials, buttons & bells you name it, acquired through the usual begged, borrowed & rescued, foraged & fought over channels, and quite a lot newly discovered, the joys of hoarderdom!  I shall be kept busy & out of mischief (in theory) creating all the ideas & plans that are running round my poor brain, & hopefully I shall be able to then sleep calmly & quietly without dreams of origami peacocks being chased by glue guns…

So tomorrow is a day nearer to warmer weather, probably wet (this is England after all) but I yearn for Spring, for optimism, to heady creativity & a shelf brimming with finished articles! And optimistically speaking, I quietly look forward to you watching this space.

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