The Year that was a Rollercoaster…

It was about this time last year when I had a moment of literal fluidity, spouting all things New Year-ish, declaring how exciting the prospect of the forthcoming rollercoaster of a year that I envisioned landing on my doormat would be. Turns out it was exactly that, and more bumpy than I could ever have imagined & I am most definitely glad 2013 has almost waxed & waned its last.

But before 2013 finally chimes out to make way for 2014, I’d just like to have a nosy as some of the highlights!  Very proud to have been a small part in some spectacular events this year, very special birthdays, a wedding or two, plenty of Treacle Markets, lots & lots of Crazy Caramel Fairy cakes headed out for breakfast, dinner & tea, indeed lots & lots of cake! Quite a few little gift boxes headed over to Blue Buttons too. And then there was Barnaby 2013 of course, who could forget our magnificent Parade! So despite the moments of unimaginable sadness, unexpected illness & other such bumps, there have been some gems… And every cloud has a silver lining, including 2013.

There is another silver lining to 2013, somewhat invisible but there all the same & that’s the wonderful collection of people who have been a part of my rollercoaster year. New folks, old folks, lost & found folks, family folks & friend folks, wouldn’t/couldn’t do without folks, all cherished… To you all I wish for a prosperous, inventive, aspiring, rewarding, positive & productive 2014, may you find happiness in the weirdest of places, & as always love & be loved.

So with that I look forward to 2014, not with as much excitement as last year perhaps, I hope for the usual summer sunshine, a filing system that repels those that interfere, definitely no rollercoasters, but possibly a nice pot of tea & a slice of ever so tempting cake…

Happy, Happy New 2014 to all!

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