Happy Mother’s Day

I think receiving something hand-made by my offspring for Mother’s Day is just the most precious thing. I have a box (ok maybe 2.. 3, ok a room!) brimming with hand-made creations. Beautiful cards, crazy surrealist paintings & drawings, heaps of pictures of cars & rabbits, all made just for me. Each one a nugget of love. And in turn I love them all. And just because I give the appearance of being a ‘growd up’, doesn’t mean I should stop making crazy, slightly surrealist, brimming with love creations for my Mum either. It’s something my siblings & I have always done, from things made at school when we were little nippers, to full-blown theatrical productions, my poor brother only occasionally being made to dress up as a girl. There were some very ambition projects undertaken, just for our Mum, I think she liked them…

These days I would normally bake something I know my Mum loves, and she is very much allowed to scoff whatever it all to herself but she never does, she’s generous like that. And I have to say, it’s an easy thing to do (especially when you bake for a living), but it’s not all about cake here at CocoaNoko Makes you know, especially last week! Being ill the lead up to Treacle Market & Mother’s day was not my finest moment but what can you do? Well, what I can do is make things & having a bit of time on my hands, I decided to hide away in my very neglected work room & make a little something for my Mummy for Mother’s Day. I’m glad did it, I’m very pleased with my efforts, to me it’s perfect, I know she’ll see how much she is loved.

To My amazing Mum
To My Amazing Mum

It may sound a little smug, but making your Mum happy, to show she’s loved on Mother’s Day is what it’s all about isn’t it? To each their own…

I hope Mother’s Day was a beautiful moment for all yesterday. In our busy, non-stop lives, those little moments of unconditional love make all the difference. A simple, single thoughtful gesture, that cuts through all the commercialism, through all the lifestyle pressure, time constraints, distance & family politics, can make all the difference.

So love & be loved, create, eat cake, drink tea! And stop…. Take a moment…

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