Last bit of Summer… Let’s celebrate the Treacle Market way!


It’s alreadyAutumn beginning to feel like Summer has slipped away & Autumn is forcing its way in, causing all sorts of niggling & unrest. I mean there we were, enjoying blue skies, balmy days & balmy nights, bbqs & evening drinks on the terrace, & suddenly it’s Autumn! Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn, all those magnificent colours, comforting plates of food, cosy nights in by the fire, but I just wasn’t ready to give up the summer dream… And apart from anything else, it’s still August, technically a summer month for goodness sake! It is pleasing to see the shops are still attempting to sell summery products though, bbq charcoal, not a hint of Christmas just, I don’t think they’d dare just yet! (Yes, I did write the ‘C’ word, couldn’t help myself!)

So I was thinking that, despite the turn in the weather, we’d have one last summery blowout & celebrate all this summer this August Treacle Market! The last Sunday of the Summer hols, & given the bank holiday just gone was a bit limp, then I see no reason to not be summery! (I may consider hunting out the snowboots, you know, just in case…). And anyway, September & October are going to exciting months for CocoaNoko Makes, this feels very much like the calm before the storm!

So what have we got for you, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, definitely rich, dark chocolate ganache (one good thing to come out of the cooler weather, don’t you agree!!!) a little something for our gluten free friends & not forgetting those addicted to lemon drizzle! A little something for everyone!

First Up gets the cake – only crumbs if you’re late!!’

Email me on (BEFORE 5pm SATURDAY) , detailing what you’d like!

All Fairy Cakes are priced at £1.50 each or the special Treacle Market Box Price of 4 for £5.00, Gingrebread priced individually.


WIMBLY WOMBLES – Fresh British Strawberry & Vanilla sponge with lashings of Vanilla Buttercream topped with delicious Strawbs!

RASPBERRY RUMBLES – Raspberry & white chocolate sponge with Vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate & raspberry drizzle

LEMON QUEENIES – Lush lemon sponge Mini Vicki Sponage, with Lemon Curd & lemon Buttercream – Lemon Heaven

BLACK MACCFOREST – Deliciously Chocolaty sponge with Morello Cherry centre, rich Vanilla buttercream topped with dark choc & a cherry!

SUMMER FUN CAKE – A  little surprise perfect to celebrate the end of the holidays

Anyone for a Wimbly Womble!
Anyone for a Wimbly Womble, Summer Strawb!


Gluten Free Simples – Wonderfully Moist Chocolate Sponge with voluptuous Vanilla Buttercream – Gluten Free Perfection!

Double Trouble – Divinely moist Chocolate Sponge with rich chocolate buttercream with a top of sprinkles & chocolate stuff!

Victorious Sponge – layers of gorgeously light Victoria sponge & raspberry jam, dusted with golden caster sugar! NEW!!!


Crazy Caramel – Delicious rich Caramel Sponge with home made caramel buttercream, with drizzles of dark chocolate & caramel

Silly Vanilly – Simply the simplest flavour there is but oh so yummy, Vanilla Sponge topped with the whippiest lightest Vanilla Buttercream ever

Sticky Toffee – Sticky toffee sponge with oodles of dates, liberally swirled with crunchy brown sugar, toffee buttercream

Luscious Lemon – Lovely Luscious Lemon Sponge with zesty lemon buttercream – Lemon Lovers Heaven!

Double Trouble Chocolate – Divinely moist Chocolate Sponge with rich chocolate buttercream with a top of sprinkles & chocolate stuff

FlutterBy Choc – Delicious Chocolate Butterfly Sponge with raspberry jam secret centre & fluffy vanilla buttercream

Deepest Darkest Chocolate – Divinely moist chocolate sponge with seriously dark chocolate ganache! Only seriously chocoholics need apply!

ChoccyCaramel Flutterby – Gorgeous chocolate sponge with lashings of caramel buttercream

Simon’s Coffee Cake – Rich Coffee layer cake, with a tiny hint of Vanilla topped with wonderful Coffee Buttercream & chocolate coated coffee beans!

The perfect tonic for a rough day...
The perfect tonic for a rough day…


£1.50 per slice (or 4 slices for £5.00 Deal)

Lemon Drizzle – The Infamous & Legendary Luscious Lemon Drizzle, one slice is never enough!

Victorious Sponge – layers of gorgeously light Victoria sponge & raspberry jam, dusted with golden caster sugar!

Infamous  & Luscious Lemon Drizzle


Coconut Macaroons – Utterly Moist & seriously flavourful Macaroons, liberally draped in Dark Belgian Chocolate! £1.50 (or 4 for £5.00 Deal)



Gingerbread – Secret Recipe Gingerbread, extensively taste tested as only the best will do!

Please feel free to sample the specially created Treacle Market Gingerbread Hearts that will only be available while stocks last!!

Buttons, Moustaches, & Crowns 

Hearts  Lollies

(All Gingerbread are priced individually)

Love is all around & made of gingerbread…


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