Pre-Christmas Drinkies

Christmas is ComingIt’s exactly one month to Christmas Day.

Now I’m not saying I’m panicking exactly, well not outwardly, well not yet anyway, but…. There’s definitely visions of sugared plums dancing in my head, whether I’m awake or not, I’m consumed by gingerbread, which to be fair isn’t as much of problem as you’d think.  I’ve accidentally merged the Christmas play list with the everyday one on my iPod, (yes, you assume right, I file Christmas music, I’m ok with it & so should you… OK???).  So essentially, the path well trodden & seldom totally prepared for is before me. Christmas, whether you like it or loath it is coming… So pass round the tin of Quality Street, crack open the sherry, it’s time to plan ahead.

My intention is to keep this particular blog piece short & sweet, a bit like my good self,  & to share with you where & when you can get your woolly mittens on some fine CocoaNokos fodder, because as we all know, it’s good to share.

Firstly, & excitedly, a few dates in your diary:

Sunday 30th November will find us at the region’s FAVOURITE Artisan Market – Treacle Market!! This month is the first Christmas Treacle Market & will be chockablock, rammed to the rafters, filled to the brim with amazing produce, stunning art, wonderful crafts, fabulous entertainment & oh so much more! Free parking all day too! Definitely bring bags a plenty, you WILL need them, for a truly amazing market! And we’ll be on Castle Street, with cakes aplenty & more gingerbread than you can shake a stick!

And then as if that wasn’t enough, there’s another Treacle Market on Sunday 21st December, joyous times!!

And inbetwix that, there’ll be treats a plenty at Macclesfield Train Station, as they will be holding several pop-up events, this Friday, Saturday & Sunday, & then every Saturday leading up to Christmas! We’ll be attending on Saturday 6th with gingerbread galore!!!

Secondly & equally exciting, you can visit the rather awesome Plums Kitchen, on the Market Place, for some rather top nosh. You can get you’re CocoaNoko’s FairyCake fix there too!

Serendipity not only have rather scrummy gingerbread cows & ChocChipCookies, along with a stunning array of unusual gifts!

And then we have Food4Macc Direct, where you can order an abundance of local produce, including a veritable array of CocoaNoko’s produce!

And just to keep you in the know about all things Christmassy in Macclesfield, pop over to the following, they’ve got pretty much everything covered!! Winterfest, Totally Locally MaccTreacle Mums & Mums In the Know

Shorter & sweeter than my usual, marginally! Back to baking gingerbread for me, so excited, Christmas is Coming to Macclesfield & it’s gingerbread shaped!!!



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