Happy New Year!

imageWell that’s it, 2015 is almost over, 2016 beckons…

Apparently this last year has been one of warmest on record, December certainly has been very warm, one small hint of my beloved snow & I wasn’t even here to see it happen, oh the irony! It’s exceptionally windy & tipping down with rain as I write this, & warm, feels more like September than the end of the year… It’s not normal!!!!

Anyways, I’m still hopeful for some snow, persitant stuff, at least a foot deep, I’m not interested in a paltry dusting you understand, it lacks effort in my opinion. You can’t knock the effort this wind & rain is making though can you , it’s definitely caught our attention. Anyways, enough of the weather, on to cake things & gingerbread, & baked treats that sazzle your senses & tickle those tastebuds & well, other things!

2015 has been extradinarily quiet for me to be honest, I have genuinely only made one batch of cupcakes in the  whole year, can you believe it, I’ve been taking the imposed rest & recuperation quite seriously & I’m pleased to say, tentatively that things are looking up. I’m looking forward to 2016 with a degree of optimism, nothing is definite but I have everything crossed for a return to baking for you all at some point in 2016, now wouldn’t that be nice!  Nothing is certain these days of course but a positive outlook is always good to have!

2016 holds so many things to look forward to, plenty of Treacle Markets, the great & wonderful Barnaby Festival of course, brilliant new independent shops opening, visits to the countryside, snow, sunshine, lazy hazy summer days, first blossom, cake, apples, rhubarb, strawberries, the buzzing of happy bees , profiteroles, gingerbread buttons – lots to look forward to – I can’t wait!

I’ve come to realise over this last year though, that the love, understanding, patience, care, resilience & steadfastness, of those who I hold close in my life are the most cherished treasures a girl could ever wish for, well that & chocolate, & sparkly glass cake plates & gingerbread of course, it’s all about balance!

So I wish you, on the cusp of the New Year – Health, Wealth & Happiness, may your deepest wishes come true, may your resolution be rewarded, may positivity fill your world, may your hard work ,determination & resilience reap what you sow & always, always love & be loved & eat cake!!

Happy New Year Dearest All, see you next year!

Anyone for a Wimbly Womble!
Anyone for a Wimbly Womble!




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