A Tale about a Beginning

Not so long ago I made cake & gingerbread for a living, we didn’t own a boat, & days were spent either busily baking in my tiny little kitchen or idly watching boats go by at the most delightful little mere, a hidden Cheshire gem, tucked away & out of sight, the very lovely Redesmere.  I say tucked away, it’s know far & wide for it’s opportunities to feed t’ducks & have an icecream or two but it also has a lovely sailing club too.

We’d turn up, drop off, pick up, stay & watch, do one’s tax return, think up new delicious flavours, freeze & sweat cobs so the boy could train, race & fart about, all on the same water & then whoosh, would you believe it, one day, (Christmas Day to be precise), (bet the wrapping elves loved us…) Father Christmas only went & delivered the boy a boat…


Since then we’ve seen a number of different watery views, tasted lots of different teas & coffees, become very opinionated about venue catering, very important I’ll have you know, talked the hind legs of several dozen parents, become very conversant with the working of the odd Premier Inn or ten, & learnt that mouth wash is an excellent cheap option for cleaning wet suits – who knew that one!!

And that’s all before I mention the bloody satnav Wendol… I dislike her hugely & her fondness for single track roads, & 90 degree tight bends.  She’s on her last life line at the moment, I’m planning her demise with sinister glee!

So that’s a very brief summary, just to get us started, we’re off to Coniston tomorrow to deliver one teenager & tow a safety boat to the annual Scout Summer camp, an exciting prospect for some of us, no doubt pictures will be taken of said safety boat to immortalise the moment, to add to the ‘wheels’ collection, along with the lawn mover… I’ve made gingerbread to take, as a treat for them all, survival fodder, & just a little bit of a sugar rush to have with their hot chocolate.

Lets hope Wendol gets us there without any ridiculous detours, spilt milk or sweary outbursts, (note to self – remember the atlas, & AA rout planner- just to be on the safe side). In the meantime here’s a photo of a very cold Queen Mary Reservoir, the most amazingly steep sided reservoir I have ever seen… A slippery slope indeed… Pip pip!






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