A tale of minus one & smelly, smelly things

Coniston Water

Our first trip to Coniston this week took so long, I’m sure you could easily have flown to Greece, had a tasty mezze, bought some olives & come back without breaking a sweat. Ok maybe not that long but longer than should be allowed in a car with busted air con definitely breaking a sweat, cobs of the stuff!   Wendol mostly got us there one piece, with only one minor slip up where the map won (& therefore me) & minimal shouting. We did look cool though towing the little orange rib behind us, ready for an adventure!

One man & his Rib
One man & his Rib at Redesmere

It took that long we ended up having to stop off at the services for food… Joyous places aren’t they. I’d gotten all excited thinking we’d be able to go to Teabay, not realising we’d be coming off the M6 before then. Huge disappointment! Ended up in Costa coffee with a tepid panini & tea in those ridiculously fat rimmed cups. Not wanting to sound like my Mother or my Gran for that matter but tea shouldn’t be in fat rimmed cups. It’s a fundamental wrongness.


Coniston Water is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world, well the world I have seen at any rate, but I don’t think there’s many who’d argue with me. The light was rather stunning adding an ethereal edge to this beautiful, beautiful place when we finally arrived.  I’ve already checked out where to live on Rightmove, & found us a er small little place, with its own boat shed on the lake & er one or 2 bedrooms… Ok 11… You know for when people come & stay & I’ve got a big family & one or two friends, oh well, one can dream. It’s also rather wonderful to think that this very house & some of its previous inhabitants were the inspiration for Arthur Ransome’s Swallows & Amazons, a favourite book for longer than I can remember.

Coniston Hall Campsite looked lovely, very close to the shore, very quiet, well quiet at that precise moment, possibly a little louder once a whole scout pack arrives.  I imagined they’ve had a stupidly fabulous amount of fun, I feel a little envious if I’m honest, especially as I’ve been sorting & clearing & removing bags of, er, well stuff.

Coniston Hall Campsite
Coniston Hall Campsite

Bedrooms are to be decorated, that’s the idea, not necessarily how I envisioned my child free week but needs must. None of which is helped by the constant distraction of long-lost things, random photos, wondrous fabrics to add to my impressive stash (a crafter must always have a stash of fabric, it’s another fundamental law of the universe, without it – you are  NOT a crafter…)

All dropped off, quick pint of cider, for a timely & unremarkable journey home except for an exceptionally close shave with a very big coach, we’re talking centimetres here people, very small centimetres!

Breath In!
Breath In!


I’ve always thought it shows you’ve have had lots of fun when you finish an adventure looking tired, but happy & slightly grubby.  I’m guessing that’s exactly what occurred given the state the scouts & explorers were in when we got there. And then when you hear the stories of those adventures & curious tales & a certain reluctance to return home you know, despite the sometimes inclement weather, it’s been an amazing camp & already there’s a looking forward to next year. Job done I’d say!

Boat hitched, leaving the wonderful landscape behind, with its monumental mountains & greener than green fields, quirky little buildings nestled between the trees, gorgeous little sheep, islands of high adventure, & secret tracks leading to secret beautiful places… We will be back… Soon I hope, very soon…



Swallows & Amazon Island

Old Man of Coniston

And then, half way home the jockey wheel decided it wanted to join in with the wheeling fun, & dropped – how very rude! Luckily no damage & only 3 minutes of utter stress, & some rib envy at yet another motorway services, so not bad really.

Rib envy, man not included
Rib envy, man not included

And, I’m pleased to say, despite my fears, not so much of the smelly, smelly things can you believe, well apart from sailing kit, it’s always smelly! Mouth wash to the rescue!

(Ps. I know some of these photos aren’t brill, I know! But when you literally arrive, hitch a boat, leave, there’s not much time to take anything decent – you should see the other ones taken in the car, dirty windscreen or blurring green!)

And yes, I did miss him!



2 thoughts on “A tale of minus one & smelly, smelly things

  1. A great read Nokomis 🙂 I love your little tug boat being towed behind, we’ve been contemplating getting some form of kayak for our adventure, I’m just slightly scared of deep bodies of water where I can’t see what’s below! Looking forward to more tales 🙂


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