Sparklie new things!

My nice jugs

Now I have a bit of a weakness for baking equipment & glass plate stands & Christmas, & maybe a few other things, it is all perfectly normal. Honest…

I do struggle when companies launch their new ranges for all the above & much more, this next few months is going being very testing indeed, I can tell you! To start with the new baking range from Marks & Spencer. Some of it is very nice you know, very nice indeed, with a bit of a vintage theme going on. in particular some very nice spoons! I do love interesting measuring spoons, I do have my favourites to actually use because some are more novelty than useful but visually lovely & what with there being 20% of at the moment, I’m going to find it tricky to resist!

And those bundt tins look very nice. And you can never have enough cake tins, because you just never know when you’ll need them of course. (Do I sound convincing?) Bundt tins are always beautiful things to own & make the most fantastic cakes, every cake baker should have one (or two) think!

A few of my tins…

Looking forward to seeing what new ranges that will be up for grasps in the next few months from other companies, I must resist!!! I must ….. resist…….



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