A Tale of Weymouth revisited

Here again. It feels very much like our third home at moment. Home obviously being 1st, Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club at Pennington Flash being a high 2nd. Premier Inns are blurring into the same room as are Premier breakfasts… And we’re only in February. Time to jump ship now if we should have commitment issues I would’ve thought.  

Soldier on.

First laser Worlds/European Qualifiers of the year. First of the 3 Spring events.

Rigged & ready. Small but heated discussion regarding suitable layering, it’s still February despite the mild weather. But what do I know…

Off they go.

This is our 2nd visit to Weymouth so far this year & the weather has been really very good! Brilliant blue skies, warm winds, well not so much wind actually what with all boats being towed back after racing finishes at the setting of the sun. Quite dramatic to watch & most definitely not the time to forget how to be towed. Bets with other parents who’s youf would be last off the water. I’m not being smug or anything. 

Credit: Ben Nichols

Good days sailing, huge numbers of Black flags though crossing the line early, only 2 races done.  New kit holding up well, not so much smelly kit to dry in the Dri Buddi which was nice. Now a Dri Buddi is a sailors best friend according to some.  It’s the difference between cold wet miserable layers & wet suite to wear the next day or the delights of putting on dry, warm kit (if you’ve timed it right), which is quite the attractive thing I’m sure. Others would say not, could shorten the life the kit. Having invested in one, think we’ll stick with it, if nothing else, it’s great for heating the garage.

Day two

Feeling distinctly disinclined to have another Premier Breakfast, still feeling full from the Pizza the night before (health kick starts Monday). As far as hotel breakfasts are concerned they’re not bad really. Plenty of things on offer & on the whole consistent, although the best bacon was at the one in South Shields. Iplenty of pancakes & chocolate spread which apparently makes the world go round. I don’t think we’ve come near to eating a pennies worth yet though even with childer who eat for free,  next visit we’ll be seeing if filling a food thermos with beans to take on the water is fair game or not. I’ll keep you posted! 

All packed,  early dart, ready for 3 more races.

It’s fairly boring 


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