What to say. Tricky…

The honest truth is that I’m rather shy & so CocoaNoko is my alter ego. Gets me out of all sorts of scrapes, obviously not the actual physical scrapes unfortunately, not figured that one out just yet but I’m working on it. It also gets me in scrapes as well but the less said about that the better, seem to always getting scrawped – tut!! Basically it’s like this – roughly speaking I’m a vaguely arty farty type, significantly skilled at filing, a deep love of photography & currently trying to gently nudge my lovely wildergarden into a perfect veg patch of bounty, whilst emulating all the essence of The Good Life just without cows & pigs, fully embracing my inner Barbara. I also thought it would be jolly nice to chitchat about the whole thing with visuals, diagrams & hyperlinks. hence the blog. Particularly proficient at baking, especially cake & gingerbread. Even had a small but perfectly formed business to boot. All firmly in the past now.

All of which I’ve blogged about – honestly THE best gingerbread in the world, I kid you not, ask any one who’s tasted it – its legendary in these parts. Top secret recipe too, it even has ‘Top Secret Recipe’ written on it, it’s that secret. And that’s before I mention the very best chocolate cake you will ever taste, no word of a lie. Although these days it’s pretty much just a virtual tease I’m afraid which, as the Sisterling would say is just plain mean. Sorry…

Looking out from Stokes Bay towards Osborne House (Isle of Wight) in the distance

I love all around where we live. It’s a very special place, full of magic & legend, & the most amazing scenery. I really cannot wait for the time when it is truly safe to amble & mooch in the Macclesfield wilds , take images of it all again, to wander the tracks & paths of Teggs Nose & Alderley Edge, to saunter up the gravel bridle ways of the Forest, & sit & watch the boats sail by at Redesmere & as is our want, a little further afield. I’m getting bored of photographing just flowers if I’m honest.

So that’s me, like I say roughly speaking, there’s other boring stuff, but you don’t need any of that & there’s really not much else, I’m really not that exciting .