Eh up!

The Wistful Snail

CocoaNoko here, I’m usually busy making cakes, biscuits & gingerbread, & other sweet treats, & you can usually find them in places like Treacle Market & Plums Kitchen & Food4Macc Direct in Macclesfield – BUT…

I’m taking some time out, just for a while.  I’m still baking sporadically, but for me & mine, they still need cake after all.  I will still be thinking of new recipes, new ways to tempt you in the future with my gingerbread, mostly, but I’m just going to take some time to rest, hope you all understand.

And it means you can still drool over all the lovely things I’ve made in the past & very much WILL be making in the future, just not now. There’s all the other stuff like little wedding favour boxes & gift boxes, which you can still purchase over in Sale at Blue Buttons, which is a proper treasure trove of a shop, bursting with more wool, haberdashery, fabrics & crafting must haves, than you will ever need! So do pop in.

And I still love chocolate, more than life itself & I eat it more than I eat cake. I’m still rather fond of Christmas too & you really can’t keep a chatting girl down, so you’ll still find me wittering away on Twitter & Facebook etc, So no disappearing from me just yet!

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