I have an unbelievable love of books. They have the answer to almost everything in my opinion. I dream of having a library crammed to the rafters with books for all my needs, & probably for ones I don’t, yet. The internet is all well & good but books, books are your friends & they look beautiful on the shelves, lots & lots of shelves.

On the whole, I try to buy from the charity shops or eBay & my particular favourite online shop World of Books. They have nearly everything you should ever need & mostly everything you would definitely want. Or request them as gifts – never stop abusing that line of acquiring books, cry if you need to, there’s no shame in that. Try not to steal though or at least only from family & the line is ‘borrowing on a permanent basis’…… There’s the Library of course but they always want the books back & I always want to keep them which completely defeats the whole point.

I’m going to list the books I’m using as I go, which might not necessarily be all about gardening, there has to be baking, or else the world as we know it will implode.

The Edible Gardener – Alys Fowler – I do like this author of gardening books, there are many & I have a few. Her style of writing & I really get where she’s coming from,

Tree Wisdom. The Definitive Guidebook to the myth, folklore, & healing power of Trees. – Jacqueline Memory Peterson – This is such an amazing & immersive book. All things trees, everything, ALL.

The Thrifty Gardener – Alys Fowler – I don’t see there being any point in going about this project without being thrifty, after all it’s not what Barbara would’ve done or any of the Wombles for that matter.