Here we go again

Well hello there my salty sea chums, how are we all, how have you all been keeping this long while? I do hope we’re all fine & ready to get on with some fine adventures & thoroughly wholesome tales of life as a Sailor’s Mum. There are many tales to tell & much advice to impart whilst accompanied by copious amounts of tea or indeed cocktails, whilst passing around the gingerbread & cake as freely as rum on Her Majesty’s Flagship. I was going to say something like as free as a harlot blar blar blarblar but it was deemed most inappropriate, funny but inappropriate by my editor  going by the title of Sailor’s Aunt, so we’ll just leave it at that.  (gluten free on request)

Many adventures have indeed happened since last we spoke. Far too many to account in detail – it would bored you senseless, & if I’m honest they do blur a little. However, there are some magnificent highlights, dos & spectacular don’ts & even if so say so myself some rather nice vistas to share.

And I thought as it’s been over a year since I last shared my in-depth knowledge of being me & my epic foray into all that that currently entails we’d do this hello, hello – wakeywakey & then straight into an synopsis of summer just gone & the beginnings of autumn, baking morsels to keep us going, pictures of interest to keep us awake, tea & pink gin as appropriate & potentially some rather dashing ginger liquor I’ve just acquired – if I’m feeling generous of course, I rarely share chocolate so don’t hold your breath.

Right that’s done, publish & on with the first proper post, no pressure. 

(photos : Souths Shields)


Tales of the Freezer

I don’t know about you guys but I do a fair bit of batch cooking to help with our busy life. Nothing worse than coming home after a sailing event than having to then start preparing a hearty meal or even a light snack if we’re quite late back (Weymouth is a long way!) so in the freezer I normally have lots of homemade soup, chilli, the inevitable spagbol, curries, casseroles you name it!

The freezer is running quite low so today I’m making chilli using both beef & turkey mince & then a turkey korma. I’m learning to cook all over again, what having to feed an athlete now! Protein this & protein that!!!!! It’s been a sharp learning curve since Christmas & good job we all like turkey, what with being turkey being bursting with protein….

We’ve gone even more brown & wholewheat than we were before, which no bad thing, just need to remember brown rice takes that little bit longer to cook. Well the brown rice hasn’t gone down as well as other things but there’s no alternative in the house so it’s tough!

And then there’s lentils… One step too far that one, you really can’t disguise them. Unlike broccoli –  ‘it’s just green herbs’! Although with a spagbol I did recently I hadn’t mashed up the broccoli quite enough & there were complaints, outrage ran high & I thought ah well, that’s fair enough – he’s missed the mushrooms so you can’t win them all.

I’ve taken batch cooking to new level this year, one must always strive (Yes I know – must get out more – it’s on my list) I’ve addressed portion size, especially with soup, to make up individual sized portions, given that at any one time we have soup, we’ll all have different flavours. I know, I can hear you rolling you’re eyes at this one. But the world goes round that bit smoother, sparks don’t fly out the chimney, so it’s ok really…..

My next objective to address is plastic or more precisely, plastic freezer packaging. I use good ole Sainsburys freezer boxes, which you can pop in the freezer no problem. But I don’t have an endless supply of these, so once frozen I’ll remove the food from the boxes, placing them in a freezer bag labelled with the what & the when. Which when empty will end up in the bin. Recyclable yes, but I’d rather use something over & over.  I’m a bit of filer at heart, my cupboards are precision filed, the rest of the house however, is very much a different story, I just need more cupboards. Dilemmas, dilemmas!Maybe I should wash out the bags & reuse them too. I’m sure you all have you own methods, so if you have the perfect solution, share the wealth!

Right back to the domestic, Sailors Mum grind stone.  I though I’d also make some jam….