Here we go again

Well hello there my salty sea chums, how are we all, how have you all been keeping this long while? I do hope we’re all fine & ready to get on with some fine adventures & thoroughly wholesome tales of life as a Sailor’s Mum. There are many tales to tell & much advice to impart whilst accompanied by copious amounts of tea or indeed cocktails, whilst passing around the gingerbread & cake as freely as rum on Her Majesty’s Flagship. I was going to say something like as free as a harlot blar blar blarblar but it was deemed most inappropriate, funny but inappropriate by my editor  going by the title of Sailor’s Aunt, so we’ll just leave it at that.  (gluten free on request)

Many adventures have indeed happened since last we spoke. Far too many to account in detail – it would bored you senseless, & if I’m honest they do blur a little. However, there are some magnificent highlights, dos & spectacular don’ts & even if so say so myself some rather nice vistas to share.

And I thought as it’s been over a year since I last shared my in-depth knowledge of being me & my epic foray into all that that currently entails we’d do this hello, hello – wakeywakey & then straight into an synopsis of summer just gone & the beginnings of autumn, baking morsels to keep us going, pictures of interest to keep us awake, tea & pink gin as appropriate & potentially some rather dashing ginger liquor I’ve just acquired – if I’m feeling generous of course, I rarely share chocolate so don’t hold your breath.

Right that’s done, publish & on with the first proper post, no pressure. 

(photos : Souths Shields)



From Wednesday evening 8th November 2017

I’m making Parkin. It reality I should at this point be finishing the last crumbs of some  Parkin I made earlier rather just getting round to it now but beggars can’t be chooser, so here we are. Bit of a spur of the moment thing, I really should be making tea, we’ll be having beans on toast now instead of toad in the hole, I really haven’t thought this through…

You can tell by the way I’ve gone about it too. No military operation, no careful & organised collection of ingredients & equipment, each put in their proper place, it’s utter chaos, (well it is for me). There’s stuff everywhere & I’m not even wearing an apron. I will have nightmares about this for days… Or rather my OCD will.

And I’ve actually chosen a recipe & completely & utterly stuck to it. No deviations, no adaptions, no little tweaks as I go along. An unheard of occurrence, I NEVER do that – ever!!! I always change recipes, always. There’s definitely something in the air…. I may need a lie down…. Mind you, it does come from a rather excellent recipe book (Cakes – Regional & Tradional) so I am hopeful. Julie Duff is the author & if you want a fount of all knowledge when it comes the traditions of British cake baking then she is the lady in the know. So let’s hope she knows. I’m sure she does.

It also turns out the 7″ square tin I bought some years ago & have never used is actually 9″… It’s obviously been an invaluable buy. Thank goodness for that awkward but equally useful square multi pan thing from Alan Silverwood, now that was an excellent investment.  Unlike the 9″ tin, one for eBay perhaps.

It’s beginning to smell rather delicious with its spicy autumnal overtones, the very definition of devine especially at this time of year. Nothing is more lovely that warm cosy mugs of deeply rich hot chocolate & decadent spicy morsels, warming your insides, calming the soul & filling your entire self with happiness. Unless of course you can’t stand ginger or cinnamon or worse still, are allergic…  So sad but then all the more me.

Twenty minutes to go & then a week under wraps, Parkin is a torturous cake. Tempting you with its promises of sticky gorgeousness but waiting is worth it, if it’s made right. Let’s hope so.

It’s a fairly Northern cake you know, Celtic in origin & called Thor, Tharf or Thar cake which I really rather like. Makes it sound all the more delicious  & possibly a super food in its own right I shouldn’t wonder.  Just as well its traditionally only eaten on Bonfire Night, we’d all be superhuman which really wouldn’t do.

Ten minutes to go, I’d best clear up the mess. Everything back where it belongs, all filed neatly in its place, pots & pans in dishwasher for a good scrub, treacle gets everywhere. I really should’ve worn an apron..

Beep beep beep! Done. It’s out! Well I don’t know about you but that looks OK to me, not bad at all. Of course the proof is in the tasting & so we wait… Although I’m really not sure I can.

Tales of too many trips & not enough time 

Here’s the thing, we’ve been on quite a few adventure since our last update, I’ve started to write up quite a lot of them & that’s pretty much it. Adventure happens, time carries on, more photos are taken, a back log happens, nothing gets finished, I now don’t know what to write or even to start & the list of top tips is now immense…. It’s not looking good at this point I’m afraid to say….

So whilst on yet on another sailing trip – this time in Abersoch, I’m going to try & make some sense of it all, find a starting point & hopefully work from there because there are indeed many tales to be told, funny ones even I do say so myself, some you possibly had to be there & perhaps have had a drink or two to see the actual humour but hilariously at the time… Obviously….

And those top tips for family’s starting out this mad mad mad journey into competitive youth sailing, I need to share those! there’s definitely no hand book, no official guide, lots of word of mouth of course but that can be tricky & conflicting. i need to share those, the more peculiar, the better!

In the meantime, here’s a few photos to whet your appetites! 

Tales of the Freezer

I don’t know about you guys but I do a fair bit of batch cooking to help with our busy life. Nothing worse than coming home after a sailing event than having to then start preparing a hearty meal or even a light snack if we’re quite late back (Weymouth is a long way!) so in the freezer I normally have lots of homemade soup, chilli, the inevitable spagbol, curries, casseroles you name it!

The freezer is running quite low so today I’m making chilli using both beef & turkey mince & then a turkey korma. I’m learning to cook all over again, what having to feed an athlete now! Protein this & protein that!!!!! It’s been a sharp learning curve since Christmas & good job we all like turkey, what with being turkey being bursting with protein….

We’ve gone even more brown & wholewheat than we were before, which no bad thing, just need to remember brown rice takes that little bit longer to cook. Well the brown rice hasn’t gone down as well as other things but there’s no alternative in the house so it’s tough!

And then there’s lentils… One step too far that one, you really can’t disguise them. Unlike broccoli –  ‘it’s just green herbs’! Although with a spagbol I did recently I hadn’t mashed up the broccoli quite enough & there were complaints, outrage ran high & I thought ah well, that’s fair enough – he’s missed the mushrooms so you can’t win them all.

I’ve taken batch cooking to new level this year, one must always strive (Yes I know – must get out more – it’s on my list) I’ve addressed portion size, especially with soup, to make up individual sized portions, given that at any one time we have soup, we’ll all have different flavours. I know, I can hear you rolling you’re eyes at this one. But the world goes round that bit smoother, sparks don’t fly out the chimney, so it’s ok really…..

My next objective to address is plastic or more precisely, plastic freezer packaging. I use good ole Sainsburys freezer boxes, which you can pop in the freezer no problem. But I don’t have an endless supply of these, so once frozen I’ll remove the food from the boxes, placing them in a freezer bag labelled with the what & the when. Which when empty will end up in the bin. Recyclable yes, but I’d rather use something over & over.  I’m a bit of filer at heart, my cupboards are precision filed, the rest of the house however, is very much a different story, I just need more cupboards. Dilemmas, dilemmas!Maybe I should wash out the bags & reuse them too. I’m sure you all have you own methods, so if you have the perfect solution, share the wealth!

Right back to the domestic, Sailors Mum grind stone.  I though I’d also make some jam….


As life throws you curveballs every now & again, adjustments in that life are inevitable. Life goes on but in different directions, not always how you envision.  
But there are always silver lining, little rays of sunshine, new opportunities, new skills explored. For me, cake & baking was my world & now it’s not. It’s ok, I miss my stall at Treacle Market, I miss making luscious cupcakes & gingerbread for Plums Kitchen, but it’s ok. Life goes on, new adventures, new opportunities, new perspective.  

I miss tempting you all with the treats I made, of the kitchen messes & disasters, of stuff. I like writing about stuff & I LOVE taking photos of things, so I’m going to bring it here, share with you the things I like, things I think you’ll find interesting, stuff that’s useful – or not! Gardens, flowers, cake, pie, absolutely no cat videos under any circumstances, & cake. Maybe chocolate, for medical reasons & the odd obscure brew, & sailing or the view I get of sailing which if I’m honest isn’t as much fun as you’d think, but it’s gets you out & about. 

So new adventure…… With cake…. Anyone up for that??

A Tale of Weymouth revisited

Here again. It feels very much like our third home at moment. Home obviously being 1st, Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club at Pennington Flash being a high 2nd. Premier Inns are blurring into the same room as are Premier breakfasts… And we’re only in February. Time to jump ship now if we should have commitment issues I would’ve thought.  

Soldier on.

First laser Worlds/European Qualifiers of the year. First of the 3 Spring events.

Rigged & ready. Small but heated discussion regarding suitable layering, it’s still February despite the mild weather. But what do I know…

Off they go.

This is our 2nd visit to Weymouth so far this year & the weather has been really very good! Brilliant blue skies, warm winds, well not so much wind actually what with all boats being towed back after racing finishes at the setting of the sun. Quite dramatic to watch & most definitely not the time to forget how to be towed. Bets with other parents who’s youf would be last off the water. I’m not being smug or anything. 

Credit: Ben Nichols

Good days sailing, huge numbers of Black flags though crossing the line early, only 2 races done.  New kit holding up well, not so much smelly kit to dry in the Dri Buddi which was nice. Now a Dri Buddi is a sailors best friend according to some.  It’s the difference between cold wet miserable layers & wet suite to wear the next day or the delights of putting on dry, warm kit (if you’ve timed it right), which is quite the attractive thing I’m sure. Others would say not, could shorten the life the kit. Having invested in one, think we’ll stick with it, if nothing else, it’s great for heating the garage.

Day two

Feeling distinctly disinclined to have another Premier Breakfast, still feeling full from the Pizza the night before (health kick starts Monday). As far as hotel breakfasts are concerned they’re not bad really. Plenty of things on offer & on the whole consistent, although the best bacon was at the one in South Shields. Iplenty of pancakes & chocolate spread which apparently makes the world go round. I don’t think we’ve come near to eating a pennies worth yet though even with childer who eat for free,  next visit we’ll be seeing if filling a food thermos with beans to take on the water is fair game or not. I’ll keep you posted! 

All packed,  early dart, ready for 3 more races.

It’s fairly boring 

Tales of Begin again…


img_3255Here we are then, 2017 has arrived, it’s cold, the wind has blown away, & there’s no snow yet but the next 48 hours could be critical. So far this year I’ve up racked 5 days on Sailing Mum duty,  & that’s just the start. I’ve earned at least a million brownie points already I’m sure. I really do need to find out the exchange rate, I’ve got my eye on some lovely new dr martens. 

The planning & plotting for the year ahead has begun & I admit I’m finding it quite daunting & kind of consuming. There’s talk of passports… I’ve also got to March & I’m still looking for a free weekend! What are we doing!!!!?!!!!

Well in layman’s terms, what we’re doing is providing a logistics & catering division to the sailor in the family. Aswell as the usual counselling service, arbitration, editor of travelling notes, laundry manager (damp smelly kit, I might’ve mentione that before)), locator of lost stuff (including but exclusively hot socks, towels, boots, cars, ipods, food, coats, gloves, people, marbles & hotels)…  snack manager (including controller & distributor of winegums), negotiator, networker, information gather, part time rigger, even more part time de rigger & Much more I’m sure…

Needs must.

This week, I’ve been doing some of the  logistics management, ie nominated driver. It’s not a task I usually do but as always needs must. Thankfully no towing was involved which really is just as well when there was a sudden smell of burnt treacle which was quite alarming, I’m sure it’s nothing… Something about coolant. Made it home safe, yeah it’s probably nothing…

As for the driving…

Is it just me who finds driving at best a chore, at worst a nightmare? Is it just me finds the roads a greasing quagmire of impatience & intolerance, not to mention total & utter stupidity?? Just to clarify this is not me, I am of course an exemplary driver but I’d say at least 60% of other drivers? Oh ok, I’ve no real idea exactly how many but it’s ALOT!!!

I have a number of favourite idiots road users. There’s the ‘Blinders’ – travel round at tonight with their main beam on with regardless of where they are. Behind you (I think the most annoying), on the other side of a central reservation (I can still see you, you monstrous buffoon!), the ones who have politely turned them off when you’ve come into view but whack them back in just as they go past…. Idiots… All idiots….

Then there are the Tail-Gaters. Needs no real explanation do they? We’ve all seen them, driving so close they could apply make up the rear view mirror in the car in front.  I just don’t understand why they do it, maybe it’s a love thing, an attraction to the driver infront, they simply must be as close as possible. Maybe they have separation anxiety, who knows, either way they really learn that size is everything – leave some room for goodness sake!!!!

My current absolute favourites are ‘Roundabout Jackers’. There are two types, both are to found causing mayhem on double lane roundabouts, oblivious of they’re lack of judgement & stupidity. actually now I think about there are more…. What is with roundabouts!!!! 


Time has passed, more days racked up, more trips ups the M6, snow has fallen – falling, it’s chuffing freezing, and I’m sat inside the club house with a hot cup of tea. All thoughts of imbisillic drivers have been purged from my thoughts, self preservation & all that. And if I don’t finish this sometimes soon it will never get finished.

Currently in awe all the none ‘fair weather sailors’ freezing their various bits off, out in sub zero temperatures & slow wind conditions,  they all deserve medals. Obviously when the childer returns, full of cold limbs & extremties & harsh words, I will expect a medal for keeping oneself calm & composed despite the torrent & barage heading my way. In the meantime, I shall enjoy my cuppa for one more race, watching the boats drift by, checking the detailed plan for our next big adventure, & how many layers I can get away with before I look like a flump. The joys of a Sailors Mum…. 

So Long GBBO, Thanks for the Memories

I’m genuinely sad The Great British Bake Off has finished now. It does irritate me sometimes & I don’t think I’m alone in that, but at the end of the day there’s a prolific love of baking oozing from this programme, which I personally love. You can’t beat a lovely well executed home made Victoria Sponge with or without buttercream, so much better than supermarket bought.

I think though it’s left the BBC on such a high, inspiring us all to bake more, bake better & be creative, which I think is a fabulous legacy!

This all sounds very final, & I know it’s not but without Mel, Mary & Sue, it’s just going to be a collapsed pavlova…

Perhaps it will be fine when it goes to Channel 4, it will definitely be different, no question there…. But it won’t be the same.

Let’s just wait & see what the BBC will bake up for us next. We all surely need new branded bakeware.

Well, enough sadness, I’ve a crate load of apples To bake into something! Apples pies, apple crumble, apple sauce, apple filling for apple pies & apple crumble. I may just need another freezer…

Bake me something with Apples

My story starts with apples & some very unexpected pears.

I have in my garden a somewhat misshapen apple tree, variety unknown. Possibly, maybe Pink Sparkle? The apples it produces are very special, they have pink & red speckled flesh & every year, as Autumn approaches I get excessively excited at the prospect of their harvest. I’m not alone in this, it’s a family thing now, when it’s time to harvest, sheds are clambered on, squirrels are dueled with to get every single last one of these beauties. And there’s a waiting list of people wanting them… Hmmm…

This year to add to the excited, the pear tree has put forth some joyous bounty, something so rare, it’s only ever happened once since we became custodians of this miniature orchard. There were 8 at last count. but curiously there seems to be a few missing. More curious still was finding the very top & stem of a pear outside my French doors one day last week. I’ve either got squirrels with a twisted sense of humour (which would not surprise me) or invaders of the more human variety, either way, pear scrumpers! How very dare they!

There’s been a steady stream of windfalls this week, although some are beyond help, given they’ve bounced off the shed, the wall, possibly the back of the Mini, maybe the back of the house & then unceremoniously smashed onto the path, not even the squirrels want them. The rest have used for cake.

The problem I had though was which recipe.

I have I would say, the best part of 50 cook books, this is not a confession by any means, one should never feel the need to confess to owning large numbers of books in my humble opinion, especially in areas of interest. I feel the same about shoes too but that’s a whole different story! Getting back to cook books, I know I had a recipe for apple cake, for an 8″ tin, with sultans & wholemeal flour but could I find it? Well no…

I looked through my favourite – go to books , you know , Mary, the WI, Julia Duff, a few recipes but not the one I was looking for.

I looked through the files of my own recipes … Nothing

I even looked at Delia…. Zilch

We needed Apple Cake so I settled for a Dorset Apple cake recipe, very nice I’m sure but not the one I knew I had. Got distracted, had to make tea, apples were tucked up for the night.

But in the morning, something very odd happened.

I’ve been extensively sorting out cupboards (which boardly speaking covers the entire house). I was looking through a load of paper work, all sorts of stuff, pirate maps, children’s painting, drawings, birthday cards, coloured in table clothes, you know the usual stuff & there right at the back was a recipe I’d written years ago, for Apple the back of a box I hadn’t looked at in years. It was the one I was looking for… Spooky…

It was a sign, well a recipe, so I made it!

Really need to read through new/old recipes before I make something, although some of my greatest mistakes have some of best discoveries, but perhaps not this time…

Windfall apples for some reason tend to be on the small side at the moment, & complete buggers to peel, de-seed & chop. Note to self, maybe wait for larger apples. No just make the cake, MAKE THE BLINKIN CAKE!!!!


Gathering of ingredients
Pink Sparkle flesh chopped
All battered up & ready to pop in the oven
A very tense & impatient 2 hours later…

And the we wait… for what seems like ages…

So whilst we wait a little natter. Something that has happened a fair bit over all the time I’ve been baking is people asking for my recipes.  I must admit it’s not something I normally do, although I am always surprised & deeply flattered.

There’s lots of reasons why I don’t.  And you can ask any baker who has spent time developing their recipes, sometimes for months, sometimes years, that it’s very precious to them, something they have worked hard to create, to improve upon time & time again, to ultimately to perfect. I feel a little bit like that. I’m extraordinarily proud of the recipes I’ve developed over the years, my lovely lemon drizzle, my delicious chocolate sponge, & particularly my gingerbread recipe. I do get laughed at because they’re top secret & believe me they are! Especially the gingerbread but there is an other reason.

What if I’ve not written it right, what if I do something I’ve not written down, what if it ALL GOES WRONG!!! Now that, that is quite a scary prospect for me.

So for the time being, unless I write a book, of course, it will all remain quite secret! Well the bit I can remember because that’s how secret some of my recipes are, even to me!!!

Anyway, on with the cake. It’s cooled enough to cut, well not quite but I’ve waited long enough! I do my usual ‘hmmm, not quite right, needs more this, less of that, not quite sure it’s perfect’ make notes, eat another slice (bakers privilege) to just be sure.

Morish, & moist!
Just one more slice

Make another tomorrow.

And just to clarify & again in no way is this a confession but 50 cook books was a little on the slim side of things… Roughly.. er.. 128…

My name is Nokomis, I am CocoaNoko & I AM addicted to books!